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Because this is a new blog, most readers (ha-if there are any) don’t know that I work twelve-hour shifts in the nutrition services department of a hospital.  I got home last night around 7:30 with my mind stuck on English Muffins.  I could have just bought some on my way home, but I’m stubborn.  I wanted fresh, homemade english muffins for breakfast.  I did the math.  After allotting time for mixing, rising, even stumbling around in the dark and hitting snooze, I would have to wake up at 3:15 in the morning.

I’m not going to give a step by step guide on making English Muffins.  There are about 2999388172 food blogs about the subject, all with better explanations and photos (don’t worry, I’ll post the links at the end).  Instead, I thought I’d write you all a diary of my morning.


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Islands in the Stream

We don’t know what we want to write about.  Erinn wants to write about Fitty Cent.  Megan just has a stomach ache.   This one won’t be as funny as we thought..but we rely on eachother (uh huh!).

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